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  • Trung tâm báo cháy 4 loop FC724

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  • Ngày đăng:21-08-2017
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  • The FC724-ZE (4-loop, expandable to 8) is a compact fire control panel with an integrated operating unit that can process signals from Cerberus PRO devices of up to 504 addresses. The fire control panel can be used as a stand-alone version or networked. The control panel can be programmed with a user-friendly Cerberus-Engineering-Tool to create a system with great versatility. Up to 16 stations such as fire control panels and fire terminals (in any arrangement) can be connected in one network. In addition, an Ethernet connection is available at each station. This Ethernet connection enables a maximum of 4 stations including a Central Access Point ''CAP'' (via Hub) to be networked together (not EN54-compliant). Connection to Siemens Danger Management System via BACnet. All detector lines are monitored for ground faults. Adaptation of the user text directly on the terminal or with the Cerberus-Engineering-Tool. Up to 2000 events can be stored according to various criteria. Automatic summer/winter time change. Detection and automatic read-in (auto configuration) of all C-NET devices, providing immediate simple operation. Stored data can be uploaded via Cerberus-Remote access. The FC724-ZE is ideally suited for medium-sized applications, e.g. in industrial plants, regional banks, office complexes, etc. The FC724-ZE with flexible cross linking possibilities can also be used for extensive systems. The expansion and accessories must be ordered separately

Thông số kỹ thuật

Detector compatibility
Cerberus PRO FD720
Number of addresses
max. 504
Number of detector lines
4 (8) loops or 8 (16) stub lines
Programmable input/output
Supervised output
1 x RT alarm
1 x RT fault
2 x Horn
Mains voltage
85� 265 VAC
Operating voltage
21� 28.6 VDC
Operating current
max. 5 A
Power supply
150 W
Emergency power supply
up to 72 h (optional)
Battery capacity
2 x 12 V, 26 Ah
Plug-in position
2 -> for serial interfaces RS232, RS485 ;
2 -> for network modules ;
2 -> for loop extension (C-NET)
Operating temperature
-8� +42 �C
Storage temperature
-20� +60 �C
Relative humidity
≤95 % (no condensation)
Protection category
Color housing/cover
grey, ∼RAL 7035/grey, ∼RAL-Design 050 00 00
Cabinet dimensions (W x H x D)
430 x 796 x 160 mm
FCA2012-A1 License key (L1);
FCA2013-A1 License key (L2);
FTO2001-A1 Event printer ;
FHA2007-A1 Mounting plate ;
FCI2001-A1 Fire brigade periphery module kit ;
FCA2005-A1 Sounder module ;
FN2001-A1 Network module (SAFEDLINK) ;
FN2002-A1 Repeater (SAFEDLINK);
FP2005-A1 Power supply kit (150 W, B);
FCA2001-A1 RS232 module (isolated) ;
FCA2002-A1 RS485 module (isolated) ;
FCI2003-A1 Loop extension (FDnet/C-NET) ;
FH7202-Z3 Housing (Standard) ;
FH7203-Z3 Housing (Comfort)
FTO2005-C1 Key switch (Kaba);
FTO2006-B1 Key switch (Nordic);
Z3B171 Relay module;
FHA2016-A1 19" mounting kit;
FCA2014-A1 Cable kit (communication);
DL3750+ Matrix printer (Extern)
Product Description MS
With 48 indicator groups, each with one red and one yellow LED.

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